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The Mission:

Our Goal is to Create a Global Bridge Among Stories of Survival Amongst People of  Color and Connecting Them Back To The Motherland
For Conversation Centered Around Survival and Self-Love

October 10th, 2024

50 Black and Brown Professionals begin their journey to the Motherland

October 13th, 2024

Gospel Event 

October 16th,2024

Travel to Kesane 

Dinner Cruise on the Chobe

October 19th, 2024

Zimbabwe Tour 

October 11th, 2024

The group will be greeted by Our South Africa Team and Take to Hotel for Registration

October 14th, 2024

Travel to Gaborne

October 17th 2024

Early Morning Safari 

Spa Day

March 20th, 2024

Return Back to United States

October 12th, 2024

Soweto Tour

Group Lunch 

October 15, 2024

School Visit

Ted X/ Talk 

October 18th, 2024

Travel to Zimbabwe 


Worlds End South Africa
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