Previous Authors

Sean J. Harris
Economic Power

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Harold Leffall
I AM Enough

Ann-Maria Benton
Pregnant with A Promise

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Quentin Harris
Dear Dreamer

Antoine Jasmine
Fathering The Hood

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Andrea Crawford Headshot_edited.jpg

Andrea Crawford
Thoughts of a Woman:
Poetry Confessions

Broken: A Guide for Hard Times
Yolanda King Johnson

Piles of Books
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Byron Jamal
Unlovable: Finding Love in the Midst of the Unlovable

K.F. Johnson What I'd Do For Love

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Notebook and Pen

Loraine Trammell Walking In Faith During A Storm

Michelle Lovett Life Love & Lockup: We Got Work To Do


Dr. Chainey Cherry Education On The Real

Yassin Hall Journey Untold


Ayanna Muhammad, Chronicles of Torri