Walking in Faith During A Storm by Loraine Trammell

Walking in Faith During A Storm by Loraine Trammell

I was compelled to write this book to encourage someone who is ready to give up on life and feels as though all hope is gone towards life. Depressed, oppressed and in a mess was the state of mind that I experienced during my time of separation from my husband. A relationship that spanned nearly 20 years and later led to divorce, left me to raise our three children alone.Now lonely, hurt, bitter and angry, could God really have a master plan for my life and my children? God used me to show my children that despite the struggles of this life's journey, if you trust and believe in God, you will receive Victory at the end of your journey. However, you must stay focused on the Lord, remain faithful, and be patient. If you take a stand, wait on the Lord, and allow your choices and decisions to be pleasing to the Lord, you will come out victoriously!!!



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