Unlovable by Bryon Jamal

Unlovable by Bryon Jamal

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Unlovable: Finding Love in the Midst of the Unlovable


Have you ever felt unlovable? Oliver Clark, Jr., a young pastor caught in a war between addiction and saving his family; Gloria Sanchez, a stripper and single mother trying to survive; and Brayden Foster, a student-athlete dealing with his sexuality, know the feeling all too well. On the surface, they make living look easy. But each wrestles with secrets that leave them feeling unworthy of true love. As their worlds collide, they begin the unexpected journey of loving themselves and each other. Join them and discover the kind of love you’ve always wanted.


“Byron Jamal will be the breakout author this year. He has written a book that will make the reader take a look at his or her feelings about love, relationships, sexuality, and faith. I recommend this book as a must-read for everybody who wants to be a part of the healing of people and not the destruction of the human spirit.”   -JL King, New York Times Best Selling Author


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