Unapologetically Resilient by Laurine Leblanc

Unapologetically Resilient by Laurine Leblanc

How do we reconcile our past trauma and challenges to lead a healthy, full life? In Unapologetically Resilient, licensed therapist and mother of three, Laurine LeBlanc, takes us on the rollercoaster of her life and shows us how she survived and overcame childhood sexual abuse and bullying, pregnancy in college and dropping out; finding love, then divorce, single motherhood and government assistance to finally securing her cap and gown.


Born to a Haitian immigrant mother who barely spoke English, LeBlanc had the odds stacked against her. She struggled to unlearn old habits and confront the challenges in front of her. But it wasn't until she took a hard look at her life that she began to understand how her childhood experiences affected her everyday decisions. It was then she decided it was time to overcome all that had been holding her back and learn how to remain an overcomer again and again.In her debut release, Unapologetically Resilient, LeBlanc shares her winning strategies to moving beyond what’s behind you and living a full, healthy life. She gives first-hand insight into balancing self-love, self-care and healthy relationships with a valuable and intimate relationship with God.


LeBlanc breaks down how she went from existing to thriving - determined to recover stronger. Always crediting God as her muse, LeBlanc's story will inspire you to not look at your own story with shame, but to grow and learn from it. Unapologetically Resilient reminds us all that our past is not our future and to live every day with intention.


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