Pregnant with a Promise by Ann-Maria Benton

Pregnant with a Promise by Ann-Maria Benton

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The best-selling author of The New Consecrated Cocoon has done it again!

Having mastered the art of comparing a physical phenomenon to a spiritual occurrence, Ann-Maria now compares the compelling truths of a natural child birth to a spiritual birth in Pregnant with a Promise.

Highly anointed, Ann-Maria is the spiritual midwife that teaches what it is to conceive your promise, advises you the best way to nurture your promise, coaches you through the birthing process, and instructs you on ways to protect your promise afterwards. You will learn the importance of choosing the right midwife, recognizing the appointed time to push, getting the proper rest, knowing when to share and with whom, and much more.

By expertly weaving the insightful stories of men and women from the Bible with her personal testimonies, Ann-Maria will help you see yourself in the Word of God, increase your faith, and boldly embrace the promise God has placed within you.

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