I Am Not A Stereotype, I AM Her by Dr. Pamela Gurley

I Am Not A Stereotype, I AM Her by Dr. Pamela Gurley

In a conversational tone, Dr. Pamela Gurley opens up about her life and why she considers herself a non-stereotype. It is her truth about her journey, her perspective, and her thoughts on colorism, toxic thinking, and importance of self-love. Being multi-ethnic and having bi-racial nieces she felt it was important to share her story on how wanting to fit in and be accepted affected the way she thought of herself and the world around her. She explains how this way of thinking affected the decisions she made and how focusing on being independent was somewhat of a detriment because she lost focus on herself. She openly shares her childhood, teen years, first jobs, toxic marriages and all things that affect one's emotional growth and mindset. Most of all, she wrote this book because she felt it was time to change the narrative to recognize that black women can NOT continue to be a stereotyped. She proves you can live authentically and not be boxed in by society. This introspective look at her life inspires all to look at their own lives, to be comfortable in their own skin, to strive for their own ambitions, and to live unapologetically a world filled with criticism."For over a decade, I felt trapped in a body that was never "black" enough or I was too "pretty" to have value or be valued." – Dr. P Gurley, I am Not a Stereotype


To Purchase, Visit https://www.iamdrpgurley.com/iamnotastereotypeiamher


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