Gravity Lies Light by Tabitha Stevens

Gravity Lies Light by Tabitha Stevens

Her name is Dea Divi, but her pen name is Tabitha Stevens for writing young adult science fiction and fantasy. She has written multiple books from short stories to novels. With a diverse palate, Tabitha works hard in creating new heartwarming stories with friendship, family and the youthful journey forward. She lives in Southern California and grew up reading and watching everything in science and fantasy. Being a film critic nerd, anime fan and cartoon enthusiast watcher, Tabitha has a big imagination and loves life. She often says, her mind travels all over the place, yet it comes back to writing for new content. Tabitha loves life and enjoys the simplest things. She is down to earth, humble, friendly person and a dreamer. Through her work, she expresses all the sides of herself to create youthful storytelling and unforgettable characters. Tabitha has been publishing since 2017 and got great reviews from her younger audience enjoying her work. 


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