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The Invest N Her Conference

The mission of the #Investinher Conference is to create a powerful and transformative platform that unites Black American women with Black Nigerian teenage to adult youth. Our goal is to facilitate a cultural exchange that transcends borders, empowers individuals, and fosters a sense of unity among Black communities. Representation matters. In a world where diversity and inclusivity are vital, our event stands as a beacon of inspiration and hope. It recognizes the significance of Black American women and the influence they carry, not just within their communities but on a global scale.

Black American women, with their unique experiences, perspectives, and platforms, have the potential to create profound change. We believe in the power of their voices and the impact they can make. Africa, a land rich with history and potential, is a place where Black Americans share deep-rooted connections. It's a place where they can create lasting change and uplift both individuals and communities. The cultural exchange between Black American women and Black Nigerian youth is a two-way journey. It's about sharing knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, but also about learning, growing, and finding common ground. By connecting with Black American women, the Nigerian youth gain mentors, role models, and a vision of what's possible. In turn, the Black American women are enriched by the vibrant culture, resilience, and aspirations of the Nigerian youth.

Together, they embark on a journey to inspire change, not just in Africa but across the globe. The #Investinher Conference is a platform that nurtures leadership, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. It's a place where individuals come together to create an impact that transcends borders, making the world a better place for everyone.

At the #Investinher Conference, we believe in the strength of unity, the power of representation, and the potential for transformative change. Together, we can empower individuals, uplift communities, and create a brighter future for all.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

 Travel Day

  • Participants from the USA  Depart to Nigeria  

Friday, March 15th, 2024

  • Women's Empowerment Brunch

  • Exclusive VIP tours and cultural experiences in Abuja

  • Evening reception for VIP guests

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

Travel Day

  • Participants Arrive in Nigeria  

  • Group will be greeted and Collected in Airport 


Saturday March 16th, 2024

  • Invest N Her Conference 

  • All-day festival at the China Event Center

  • Panels- TEDx/ Forbes

  • Engage in various workshops, artistic performances, and literacy activities

  • Evening Awards Dinner honoring the women from the USA

Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Ted Talk Day   

  • Group Will Start Filming there 10 Minutes
  • Networking Dinner and Welcome Party 

Sunday March 17th, 2024

  • Private tour of real estate investment prospects in Abuja

  • Investment discussions with industry experts

  • Nature Opportunities 

Monday March 18th, 2024

  • Travel to Lagos and Hotel Check-IN


  • Sunset Fashion Show and Cocktail Party 


Thursday March 21st, 2024

Return to America 

Tuesday March 19th, 2024

  • Mission Day,

  • A Day of interaction with the youth of Lagos

  • School Visit and Opportunity to Donate Supplies 


Saturday March 21st, 2024

  • Return to America  

Wednesday, March 20th, 2024

    • Return to Abuja

    • Spa and Relaxation Day 

Enjoy A Beautiful Trip


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