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The Next Chapter continues to SOUTH AFRICA

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11 Day South African Tour for Athletes, Artists and Influencers to connect back into The Motherland

The Mission:
"To Create a Global Bridge Among People of Color and Connect Back To The Motherland
For Conversation Centered Around Leadership Skills, Financial Education and Mental Health."

Worlds End South Africa

The Travel Logistics

Accomodation Guide


#1 Delta Airlines

#2 Air Botswana 

#1 Delta


Depart U.S. - Arrive Cape Town, South Africa



Depart Cape Town, South Africa - U.S.

#2 Air Botswana


Depart Cape Town, South Africa - Arrive Gaborone, Botswana



Depart Gaborone, Botswana - Arrive in Kasane, Botswana



Depart Kasane, Botswana

- Arrive Cape Town, South Africa Airport

*Delta Airfare will need to be purchased in advanced. Botswana Airfare will be purchased while in South Africa.

Hotel #1

(6/22/23 - 6/25/23)

J. W Marriott Crystal Towns

CapeTown, South Africa

(Marriott Branded Property)

Hotel #2

(6/25 - 6/28)

Protea Hotel Gaborone Masa Square

Gaborone, Botswana

(Marriott Branded Property)

Hotel #3

(6/29 - 7/1)

Kasane, Bostwana

Chobe Safari Lodge 

Worlds End South Africa
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